Puppy Socialization Class

Cost:  $190 – 8 Week Session

Saturday, April 2 – May 21,  1:00pm… Code #8569
Register with St. Charles Park District

Location: Hickory Knolls Discovery Center – 3795 Campton Hills Road, St. Charles, IL

Puppy Socialization ClassOur puppy socialization class is the perfect class to establish a foundation for shaping a puppy’s behavior, and is primarily focused on social needs with basic training appropriate for this early stage of development. Each class contains a socialization exercise, supervised playtime which helps parents learn about appropriate play and body language and helps the puppy build confidence and learn manners with other dogs and people, a basic puppy topic where we discuss and trouble-shoot common training problems and introduction to basic skills such as sit, down, come, leave-it and leash walking. This class is for puppies 6 months old and under.