Tim is an AMAZING, enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. He has taught my 4 month Bernese Mountain puppy a new great behavior everyday! She is well on her way to being a great canine companion!!! Call this company! They are wonderful, hard working and always there for their customers!!!

Stacy B. and Quinn

Thank you so much, Tim, for the outstanding dedication and commitment you gave to our puppy and my family, it was outstanding!  We were incredibly impressed with how Athena has turned out with the help of your training and your expertise!  We take her to public places all the time and constantly get compliments.  Given the fact that Athena is a Presa Canario, and looks like a bully breed, people are vary cautious to approach her.  But then she wins them over with her excellent temperament and training!  I highly recommended you to all my friends, family, and co workers that are seeking everything from dog sitting to walking to the most intense training!

Adam, Hillary, and Athena

For the past year Tim has been taking Cooper on training walks. Cooper adores Tim and gets so excited when he sees Tim pull into our driveway. Even though training is included in Cooper’s walk, Cooper doesn’t view it as training since he’s outside with Tim and enjoying life. The training has really helped Cooper and he’s so much better now when we take him for a walk. It’s clear to see that Tim knows how to train dogs. If I mention an issue with one of our dogs Tim always offers a training tip on how to change the dog’s behavior. We’ve hired Tim to train our rescue puppy Foxie which will start in January and I know he’ll do a great job.

Jane and Cooper