Discover the Best Dog Training in the St. Charles Area

A pet should be a companion, not a chore. If you’re struggling with common dog issues, such as jumping, destructive behavior, or dragging you and your family down the street, you’re not alone—and there is hope. By investing in dog training from a certified professional, you can finally put an end to all of those irritating bad habits, and get the obedient, happy pet you’ve always wanted.

Whether your dog is calm or high-energy, young or old, friendly or withdrawn, we can help. Our customized dog training courses transform even the most stubborn, strong-willed canine into a well-behaved companion and helps you achieve maximum control of your dog, both on and off the leash.

Helping your dog be their best

A trained dog is a pleasure to be around. Any dog that listens to his/her owner and is respectful of others lives a fuller and freer life. The primary purpose of obedience training is to give the dog owner peace of mind that the dog will respond to them in a positive way. From keeping a hyper dog from jumping on people or running away, to helping a shy dog come out of its shell, training helps to solve a wide range of behavior problems. Obedience training is also a solid foundation for other forms of training. From agility dogs to service dogs, hunting dogs to herding dogs, it all starts with obedience. No matter what your goals, Wild Things can help you finally take pride in your dog.